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The King of Limbs: Radiohead

This post is a continuation, and will not be understood if the previous is not read.
Radiohead: Why so green and lonely? 

As The King of Limbs has just been released, I'm doing a quick add on to the last post.

It looks like there may be a second part to this album released before the Artwork and Newspaper copy which comes out in May. As more infomation and lyrics arise, I will add them to this post.

The name of the new album relates to an oak tree in Wiltshire's Savernake Forest, thought to be around 1,000 years old. The forest is about three miles from Tottenham House, a listed country house where Radiohead recorded part of 'In Rainbows'.

The tree is a pollarded oak, referring to an ancient technique for harvesting timber for fencing and firewood. The phrase apparently also appears in the 23rd chapter of the

The album was produced by Nigel Godrich and recorded both at Radiohead's Oxford HQ and in Los Angeles. 
The King of Limbs

Radiohead offical site 18th Feb 2011:
"It's Friday... It's almost the weekend... It's a full moon....
You can download 'The King of Limbs' now if you so wish!
Thank you good people for waiting ... Have a great weekend wherever you are...."  

The King of Limbs

 Illuminati families with a northern European/celtic background, are very much into Druid rituals...The oak is well-connected to the Druids and considered sacred... Fritz Springmeier

King of Limbs
The 1932 Disney film Flowers and Trees... portrays the occult belief that trees can talk and sing... alter systems will be constructed with singing trees and flowers... Fritz Springmeier

Disney's'Flowers and Trees'

The Wiccan God is the Lord of the Greenwood. Two God-themes feature predominantly in Wiccan Sabbats: the Sun-God theme and the Holly King and Oak King. They are two sides of a whole, neither could exist without the other.

At Beltane, the peak of the Oak King's reign, he sacrificially mates with the Great Mother, dies in her arms, and is resurrected. This is common in other mythologies: Osiris, Tammuz, Dionysus, Balder, and Jesus are only a few other gods who die and are resurrected. 

Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Phil Selway, Ed O'Brian

'There There' video, Hail to the Thief 2003

Thom Yorke has had trouble with trees before

Thom growing roots

...becoming a tree

Full moon

Thom turned into a tree

In order to construct the trees... the Illuminati programmer will tell the victim the following hypnotic ritual:

"...As your spine straightens... imagine your spine is the trunk of a tree... from the crown of your head, you have branches..."

The part of the system... will all be intimately part of either the Spirit Tree... or the Tree of Evil... The rituals are severe, and many splits of the mind... Countless deeper alters are part of this tree..."  
Fritz Springmeier


The Joshua Tree

The programmers hypnotically command the alters to think of their programming when they see certain objects...  certain trees etc.
 Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Each system has an internal programmer who oversees the "gatekeepers"... who grant or deny entry into the different rooms. A few of the internal images predominately seen by victims are trees...

There are an inordinate amount of alters in the victim... A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis... Brice Taylor

Christina Aguillera - Xtina

Beyonce - Sasha Fierce

Rihanna - 'Good Girl Gone Bad'

Natalie Portman - Black Swan

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

Heath Ledger - The Joker

When memory storage occurs... Dendrite spines (which look like trees) develop. One tree (dendrite spine) might look like an oak in winter....  the brain of a multiple [victim]... One of the primary brain areas affected by the torture and programming... are the hippocampus and the cortex of the frontal brain lobes...
Brain dendrites

... hypnosis can begin to work a tree structure into the mind... 'stretch your arms out toward the sky like branches on that big oak tree...' The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

... the story of the Oak Tree will be added in for programming... the splintered alters become leaves that fall to the ground and die... Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

'Bad Woods 1'
Artwork for King of Limbs by Stanley Donwood. (Lord of Woods)

Open your mouth wide
Universal sighs
And while the ocean blooms
It’s what keeps me alive
So why does it still hurt
Don’t blow your mind with why
I’m moving out of orbit
Turning in somersaults

Morning Mr Magpie
You got some nerve

coming here
Good morning
Mr. Magpie
How are we today
They've stolen all my magic
and took my melody

Little by Little
Turn to nasty now
The dark cell
The pit of my soul
The last one out of the box
The one who broke this spell
Once you've been hurt
You've been around enough
Your clue on hold, snapped up
Crawling with my love
The last one out of the box
The one that broke the seal
Routines and schedules
Drug and kill you
Kill you
Little by little by hook or by crook
Never get nervous
Never get judged
I'm no idiot
I should look

Sleight of hand
Jump off the end
Into a clear lake
No one around
Just dragonflies
Flying to the side
No one gets hurt
You've done nothing wrong
Slide your hand
Jump off the end
The water’s clear
And innocent

Give Up The Ghost was covered in previous post


It’s like I’m falling out of bed

From a long, weary dream
The sweetest flowers and fruits hang from trees

The creation of a Monarch system’s gems... control the fruit of the trees (programs)...
Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
I fell open
I laid under
At the tip I
I was just your number
I wanna tip it over
And lay back under

If you think this is over
Then you’re wrong

Wake me up

'Wormhole' crop circle formation at the edge of Savernake Forest. What's going on in this area?

Lotus Flower
I will sneak myself into your pocket
Invisible, do what you want

I will
sink and I will disappear
I will slip into the groove and cut me up

There's an
empty space inside my heart
Where the wings take root
So now I'll set you free
Slowly we unfurl

As lotus flowers
And all I want is the moon upon a stick
Dancing around the pit
Just to see what it is
I can't kick the habit
Just to feed your fast ballooning head
Listen to your heart
We will sink and be quiet as mice
While the cat is away and do what we want
darkness is beneath...

Freddie Davies, Mr. Parrot Face.
Freddie does not know where his alter ends and where he begins...

"... the various components had merged and Samuel Tweet had been born - invented - created, or whatever else you may care to call it. On this record you will hear 12 songs... They will be sung by Samuel Tweet... or is it Freddie Davies... I can't answer that, because now he is so much a part of my act and my life, that I am just as confused as the rest of you..."

Freddie "Parrot Face" Davies, 1970.

MM = 33
Red/black/white, duality/bloodline

'Silly Walk'

'Little Tramp' or 'Funny little man'

Roger Sperry, a neuroscientist won a Nobel Prize... for feeding simultaneously both sides of the brain different information... showed that the two hemispheres could operate separately at the same time... this was being done to unwilling human victims before his publicly known experiments... MK-Ultra programmers were carrying out split brain programming... the victim being locked in place with their eyes forced open...Fritz Springmeier 

Christina Aguilera
Clockwork Orange eyes

Mischa Barton

While the Monarch slaves have trauma-based dissociative states, the practitioners of Voodoo have ritually induced dissociative states. Voodoo rituals will involve chanting, drums, at times handclapping and frenzied dancing to induce the dissociative states.

...several features have been identified which bring about dissociative states... dancing to a pronounced and rapid beat... the induction into the dissociative state frequently follows a period of starvation and/or overbreathing (hyperventilation)... the demonic possession is characterized by a brief period of muscle inhibitions, or a collapse. The person who is experienced at being possessed acquires a specific behavior pattern... finally, the head and limbs may tremor under trance... The possessed can be conscious, semiconscious, or unconscious.
The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Silent film star Charlie Chaplin always wore a bowler, depicting the pathetic vulnerability of a little man whose dignity derives from his hat. 

Thom's manic dancing in such songs as Idioteque and The Gloaming is covered in previous post, Radiohead

Wayne McGregor, Commander of the British Empire, choreographed the Lotus Flower video. In 2004 McGregor was Research Fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology at Cambridge University.

... the programmers put people into different neurophysiological states... The Illuminati... have no shortages of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and other well educated people.
 Fritz Springmeier

McGregor's work includes:
Skinned Prey 
Black on White 
8 Legs of the Devil
Artificial Intelligence 

Michael Jackson, caged and wearing a ball and chain

Gamma Programming includes all the demonic activity... one can add the Kabballa’s Tree of Life... associated with Greenbaum or Greentree... blood rituals are used to attach demons to possess alters...

Devil hand sign


Thom Yorke - left eye obscured


André Fonseca said...

Again, brilliant! Thom Yorke also throws a devil/goat/baphomet hand sign in the Lotus Flower video clip. By the way, in ancient Egypt Lotus flowers were usually mixed with wine to induce mind altered states - these can go hand in hand with mind control techniques. Radiohead's music is truly gaining another dimension through my ears. Thank you so much for your work. Looking forward to read the next part. Peace!

Occult Media Deception said...

I did see the hand sign, but wasn't sure if it was clear enough; he definitely does it though, looking at it again. I didn't know lotus flowers were used in that way, very interesting. Everything's always about the Egyptians ay. Thanks for reading

sam said...

yes mate well done again!
braz x

Kattie B. said...

If you look at the King of Limbs artwork (first photo posted above) Thom Yorke is represented in black outline under the word "Of". You can see one eye of his not opened and his nose. Behind him under the "LIM" is a profile of an alien.

I think Thom Yorke has been "compromised" probably sex with an underage kid (boy or girl) and now feels regretful and fearful. Most of Radiohead's songs are written by Thom and are vague, sad, mournful, etc. He looks so sad and lost in that Lotus Flower video. I wonder when these musicians will get away from the Illuminati and heal themselves, if that can actually occur...

Anonymous said...

On the album notes for the new album King of Limbs explicitly states that they are "conjuring" songs and "summoning" art, therefore magic is being performed.

The artwork is very dark and haunting referring to the black arts they are employing - images of monsters on the cover, strange trees of Norse mythology with strange word references and mushrooms. The songs are literally filled with verbiage about spells and magic.

Good morning Mr. Magpie:

“How are we today?
Now you've stolen all the magic
And took my memory”

Two songs, Give up the Ghost and Codex refer to suicide.

Codex: "Sleight of hand
Jump off the end
Into a clear lake
No one around"

Furthermore, Give Up the Ghost refers to the "lost and sold", Thom's clue to selling his soul. He is gathered up the in this song into the ‘arms” of Satan as repeated over and over “into your arms” and pleads, "don't hurt me".

As one looks at the history of rock many musicians die very young a payment for their Faustian bargains of fame and fortune. Also many have channeled Alcester Crowley as does Radiohead here.

Crowley is present in this album in the song "Lotus Flower". The song refers to "do what you want" which is a thin veiled reference to the Crowley mantra of "do what thou whilst is the whole of the law". Viewing the Lotus Flower video is to see Thom possessed by drugs and dark forces. Lotus Flower: "I dance around the pit, The darkness is beneath I can't kick your habit' The Lotus is an ancient reference to mystical forces and drug induced magic.

The King of Limbs is no doubt the darkest album Radiohead has ever done in imagery and song. They are showing their full selves in a more outward manner in this album. There is a hope of rebirth or escape via the Lotus Flower though the darkness, scattered layering of songs and discontent indicates Radiohead is facing the call on the Faustian bargain.

Codex indicates that Thom is hearing that call and will succumb to it via suicide. The song Give Up the Ghost should be placed before Codex on the album for in Give Up the Ghost Thom contemplates suicide and in Codex he describes it. Codex also in name refers to Codex Magica and refers to the Illuminati. Here in the song Separator we see a reference to the All Seeing eye: "And as that woman blows her cover In the eye of the Beholder I'm a fish now, out of water"

More references to spells and darkness,

Little by Little:

Turned so nasty now
The dark's there
The pillar of my soul
The last one out of the box
The one who broke the spell

Personally, I think the songs on this album are outtakes from In Rainbows. Therefore, there is a constant struggle to produce fresh new music but one is faced by pushing a rock up a mountain eventually as the magic fades.

As the magic fades one has to induce ever more powerful forces to maintain the status quo. they are slowly slipping into the coma as evidenced by Thom's possessed dancing on the Lotus song. the band is almost absent in the album, few instruments really played per se. the last album was a few years ago and now only 8 tracks produced as they hide in the netherworld, fearful of their ultimate fate.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2 (due to character limit)

I dunno what I feel about this (and the previous) Radiohead post.

I think there is a danger in these kinds of blog posts (and youtube videos dealing with the same themes) of *creating* a bunch of connections rather than *discovering* (or uncovering) a bunch of connections.

I mean no disrespect, nor am I 'dissing' this blog! ... just saying what I feel :)

I just think so many people are wising up and self educating themselves about these subjects (which are valid subjects no doubt about it!) and so for these informed people it is not a problem to see a bunch of very loose connections - some valid and probably some not so much. They already know the subject is valid and so there's no harm in just 'throwing out' a bunch of potential interpretations or 'symbolism decodings'

And of course when the mainstream media / culture is so incapable/ unwilling to 'join any dots' it is only natural to want to balance that out by searching even harder for any possible hidden messages and meaning behind our culture.

BUT... I just feel concerned the whole 'genre' of decoding popular culture might get very undisciplined and indulgent at exactly the same time as the masses start to wake up to it.

The result would be the masses wading through a bunch of ridiculous 'conspiracy nonsense' (in their minds) and overlooking all the blatant evidence because there's just too much tenuous stuff out there.

This would of course be amplified by anyone wishing to ridicule the 'genre' - much like lasers beams and holograms have been used by anyone wishing to ridicule and invalidate 9/11 'conspiracy theories'.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 3 (3 parts now, not 2) (due to character limit)

I also think it's important not to forget that a lot of esoteric/ occult imagery and symbolism is actually very appealing to the human psyche.

Mysticism / mystery is appealing both intellectually and aesthetically! And art is a natural place in which to express these things.

There is a danger of associating certain imagery and symbolism automatically with the illuminati (and other groups) philosophies and practices and automatically labeling it all as 'evil' or at least 'negative'. (of course the way they use it, it probably is).

For example not all butterflies are evil representations of Project Monarch. Not all mirrors, duality symbolism, sun symbolism etc etc is negative. A lot of these concepts are neutral by themselves and are even helpful metaphors for understanding the universe and our own place in it. But it just so happens that a lot of it is used by (and often subverted by) the illuminati and other groups. I think all research (blogs etc) needs to explain this (and better than I just did!).

There is a *reason* why we live in a world so sterile and devoid of all mystery and magic. It is because TPTB want to keep all of that knowledge and power for themselves. Suppose fire was hidden from the masses and we only knew of it when they used it against us to burn down villages or sacrifice children. We might label fire as evil. Yet fire can also provide warmth, cooked food, smoked meat, and a place to gather around. Fire is mystery and it is beautiful too! The same goes for a lot of other forces, philosophies and knowledge too.

The point is one would expect musicians (artists) to use mysterious imagery in their work. In a practical sense it is the quickest and *laziest* way to add a touch of magic, allure and poignancy to your artwork!

Radiohead are very much a 'magpie band' who like to take musical, artistic and other cultural references and stick them into their music/ videos. In fact most bands are like this!

However that's not to say there isn't more to it. I could well believe Thom (or all of them) have been 'compromised' and are being pressured to include certain messages. History is full of artists being pressured in this way and there's not reason to believe the practice has ever stopped.

And when you get as rich and famous (and middle aged) as they are maybe you become quite happy to let a load of 'advisors' help storyboard the next video, or design the next stage show, album cover or photoshoot (etc)

But I just think it's important to not go from the dumbed down happy consumer extreme to the other extreme of thinking EVERYTHING is meaningful and that that EVERY meaning is automatically negative in intent.

Also I would hate to live in a world where the illuminati had a monopoly on all that was esoteric/ mysterious!

In my opinion THEY are the ones who can't see or FEEL true mystery or magic of the universe which is why they feel such a need to hoard it and control it and turn abstract power into a personalized force to try and exert power over all of us!

If the good people of the world end up losing (or rejecting) their own sense of mystery and magic and connection to powers and forces greater than themselves (thinking it is all somehow negative or 'evil') then we will be doomed.

Anonymous said...

Part 3 of 3 (due to character limit) (final part)

Again I have repeat - look at the world they are trying to create for us: barren, sterile, consumerist, no magic, no mystery, no majesty, nothing greater than ourselves to tap into - only measly fashion, gossip, shopping, politics or technological machines, money.

My current theory is that by only openly showing us all the 'evil' side of magic, mystery and power they hope we will become outraged and end up rejecting all magic, mystery and power along with evil. In other words we will dive even faster into their world of material consumerism and narrow perceptions and narrow thinking- and perhaps most important of all we will learn to FEAR POWER and MYSTERY of any kind.

Just look at Falungong being banned in China. Look at the corruption being exposed in the traditional religions. And look at what is being 'exposed' in pop music videos etc.

Now imagine if a future public outrage/ hysteria about 'mind control and satanism in pop culture' was manipulated .... could it eventually result in all spirituality, all soft energy work, all forms of meditation/ martial arts, all esoteric/ mystery/ magic knowledge and practices etc was banned to prevent the spread of 'evil'?

Could that be the plan?

That would leave us with a world consisting entirely of fearful, meek and 'mystery free' sheeple, endless war, Justin Bieber and shopping.

IOW the the perfect NWO society ;)

THAT'S why I think we need to be careful to enhance understanding (ask questions) in this kind of research and not just make (what might be perceived by some as) reckless and at times *accusatory* speculations about these kinds of things.

(Sorry for rambling)


media propaganda said...

Good job with the analysis OMD. I think Thom Yorke made a big time Faustian bargain. The song Cymbal Rush has the lyrics: "You should took me out when you had the chance". I think the occult has already tried to knock him off!

kyoshintimi said...

Yorke is a puppet for the Illuminati and remember that he agreed to be a puppet. I also think he got electro shocked between 2002-2005 cause he's incoherent in some of his speech in the last couple of years. Check out the first couple of minutes in this recent video:

brian said...

I think you are right about Yorke being threatened and abused. In the Radiohead song, Wolf At The Door, he pretty much states that is the case with the line "Steal all my children".

A Wolf at the Door. (It Girl. Rag Doll.)

Drag him out your window
Dragging out the dead
Singing, "I miss you"
Snakes and ladders
Lift the lid
Out pops the cracker
Smacks you in the head
Knifes you in the neck
Kicks you in the teeth
Steel toe caps
Takes all your credit cards
Get up, get going
Get the eggs
Get the flan in the face
The flan in the face
The flan in the face
Dance, you fucker
Dance, you fucker
Don't you dare
Don't you dare
Don't you flan in the face
Take it with the love is given
Take it with a pinch of salt
Take it to the taxman
Let me back
Let me back
I promise to be good
Don't look in the mirror
At the face you don't recognize
Help me call the doctor
Put me inside
Put me inside
Put me inside
Put me inside
Put me inside

I keep the wolf from the door
But he calls me up
Calls me on the phone
Tells me all the ways that he's going to mess me up
Steal all my children
If I don't pay the ransom
But I'll never see them again
If I squeal to the cops

No, no, no, no, no, no, no . . .

Walking like giant cranes
Ah, with my x-ray eyes I strip you naked
In a tight little world, why are you on the list?
Stepford wives, who are we to complain?
Investments and dealers, investments and dealers
Cold wives and mistresses
Cold wives and Sunday papers.
City boys in first class
Don't know we're born little
Someone else is going to come and clean it up
Born and raised for the job
Someone always does, always pick it up
Get over, get up, get over
Turn the tape off

I keep the wolf from the door
But he calls me up
Calls me on the phone
Tells me all the ways that he’s going to mess me up
Steal all my children
If I don't pay the ransom
But I'll never see them again
If I squeal to the cops
So I’m just going to

Hamish K. said...

The Music Industry is in the business of promoting predators like Radiohead & Thom Yorke - we pay their salary (the musicians/pop stars) while they rape the youth generation with their destruction, suicide, misery and sexually cheap denigrate music. Radiohead distorts others realities because it’s better to torture and mentally enslave kids for the benefit of a tiny minority than to allow humanity to live happy and free. It’s much easier to do what they do than have real talent and real messages. The negative energy really binds to you once you dabble in it and it makes you miserable and pathetic.

King of Limbs is completely banal as well as most of Radiohead’s music. Radiohead believes that they can pawn off incessantly recycled bullshit. Now, their audience is no longer willing to buy it, lol. Radiohead’s music catalog is meaningless and soul-less. The multi millionaire band members do media interviews and snivel about corporate media, the music industry and now global warming.

Radiohead capitalizes and makes tons of money on corporate media, the music industry and global warming. The band members do lots of corporate media interviews; attend lots of music industry events (popular festivals, award shows – Grammy’s & Brit and industry parties). Yorke ends up at the UN Climate Change Conference doing lots of press coverage with total incoherent statements on the global warming subject when real experts were denied entrance and press coverage! Radiohead and their spiel is - “in your face hypocrisy”. They claimed they were so naïve when they got into the industry however they were expert in music label contracts and tour contracts. Yorke pretends being the tortured environmentally aware artist, while purchasing homes on several continents, jetting back and forth from London, LA, etc. and going to the best 5-star restaurants in every major city. Frankly his tortured artist shtick is tiresome, he needs to drop the bullshit narcissistic act. His temper tantrums are boring and smack people in the face as this economic crisis continues. Radiohead is basically packaged corporate electronic pop music and it's not anything more than that.

Anonymous said...

The Murdoch Empire: How media shapes society

Talks about how ppl were forced to discuss global warming in the News Corp. press.

Anonymous said...

Search Radiohead Conspiracy theory, all you get is the theories around their albums. Convenient black out strategty? Most likely.

Anonymous said...

Hi, please can you stop mentioning Islam as if it is part of the occult. You obviously have no deep understanding of the religion and you are spreading disinformation.
Islam strictly forbids witchcraft (doing it makes you an apostate), it forbids polytheism, idolatry, images (the moon and the star is not Islamic), we don't have pictures/images, or obsession with nature.We also routinely seek refuge with God from Satan. And stop associating the Kaba with occult, we don't worship it, it is the house that Abraham built. Before the Saturn thing. The pagans took over and put their idols in it, we Muslims removed it. There is nothing in it, it is routinely cleaned out. The Ka'ba is not what we worship, its a direction to pray. When we make supplication to God, we do not point towards there anyway.
Do you know that muslims also throw stones at obelisk out of disrespect? Because Muslims are told its the sign of Satan.
And Islam also associates the one eye sign with the anti-christ, again something negative and heretic. Islam is totally against the Illuminati. We don't even listen to music, which is Illuminati propganda. A lot of influential muslim scholars ban TV (unless its the religious kind) because its a tool to spread immorality. We don't have interest on loans. If the whole world was Muslim, the illuminati would fall to pieces.

betty said...

Thank you Anonymous for writing that about Islam, I didn't know about those specific Islamic beliefs. I have read several Occult Media Deception's blog posts and don't remember it specifically saying anything negative about Islam, so please don't worry. BUT, I can totally empathize with your feelings because many western nations have promoted anti-Islam sentiments via the corporate media since 9/11. It's terrible how these leaders pit race against race, religion against religion, etc. I think people are waking up tho especially with blogs like this one.

My humble opinion.

Abdelazeez said...

Those words are not from the quran, what you just quoted was an explanation/commentary of the 2nd verse of the 23rd chapter in the Quran by a scholar- Ibn Khathir. To him and his understanding of the Quran.

Get your facts straight, brother.

Anonymous said...

This really sucks. Not the post/blog, that actually makes plenty of sense, which is what sucks. Radiohead is by far one of my favorite bands. I feel identified with the majority of the songs they make(which now makes me wonder). I guess it just depends on how you interpret it. I grew up in a very religious atmosphere. I was pretty much taught to stay away from movie theaters and tv's so that I wouldn't be exposed to movies, music,or any media influence. This is all pretty much impossible. I see these lyrics as a cry for help. I mean it's not like they were forced into this lifestyle, they pretty much chose it. It just sucks to see my favorite artists end up dead or brainwashed. We're doomed. My ears are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Please, the over hyped Radiohead has been practicing occultists since the beginning.

truthseekr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
truthseekr said...

what phrase appears in the 23rd chapter of the quran?

Anonymous said...

Thom Yorke is a bobble head.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but are you fucking stupid?

NotAVictimButAConqueror said...

Please forgive anonymous. He
doesn't understand. You see, I have escaped the very same programming to which Mr. Yorke was (is?) subjected. I did not escape on my own. I was rescued. I know from the words and images, so familiar to me from my past, that Thom was victim to TBMC, as plainly as the Sun in the sky. It is quite obvious. But you cannot blame those who are incredulous to our plight. Reality is so far more bizarre and savage than fiction. I hardly ever speak to anyone about what I have endured, only keeping a diary and speaking to those who know me, of the horrors I've endured at the hands of these sick bastards. There is no way to convince them of the truth...unless they themselves became abducted and subjected to it. I would not wish that on any living soul.

NotAVictimButAConqueror said...

I believe your analysis is pretty well close to the truth. I say this based on my own experience as a victim. It is quite clear that Mr. Yorke is a Faust, if you look back and chart the course of Radiohead's progress: First album: Huge. Second album: more revealing. Third album: completely revealing. The fame and riches...he certainly made a deal. But now, like all the others, he regrets it. He is making his confessions in each progressive album, trying desperately to "wash (him)self again, to hide all the dirt and pain..."

Anonymous said...

You lot are seeking falsehood in everything you post!!!
The truth is to find the complete truth, would be for you to look in the mirror, only this way will you see the truth. The entertainment industry, is as it states, "an industry" and for a band like Radiohead or Thom Yorke to show individualism, well this is a breath of fresh air!!
I see no mention of the album "hail to the thief" an album that clearly took a shot at de-seating the world most powerful organisations during a time of war!! "Harowdown hill" a song about the criminal activities the Blair government flouted.

Thom Yorke and Co are the only voice we have in this very confused world!

Anonymous said...

Radiohead’s Kid A and the Mystic Experience

Anonymous said...

I feel like the observation that Yorke is trying to release himself from the bondage he chose to go into is pretty accurate. Is it that the dark damaged people make provocative music or is it that all the people who make it to you from the establishment have been turned out and taken over by ill forces who seek to jump into the listener and turn them out as well? From what I have seen none of the people who have "made it" are organically so talented that the establishment had to play ball with them except for maybe Kubrick and Bowie. I think most of the influential music stars are groomed early on and directed all the way. I don't think Radiohead is an exception. I think Greenwood is far more aware and involved in the darkness of the band and this is why you see very little of him. Basically the Devil's deal is to value physical existence as the end all be all when in truth it is the lowest realm of existence so to invert the truth and value of this life as the highest realm is to worship shit. I think the pain these guys endure is knowing they have committed to the physical world in a way that will prevent them from ever transcending it spiritually. To be forever locked in the realm of physical matter is a hell of its own. This is where the symbolism of the Devil being forever locked out of heaven comes from and his jealous intention to keep everyone here in matter with him. This is similar to how people who have been victimized as children will often be found to go onto victimize children themselves as a way of not feeling alone in their abuse. In the same way Radiohead seeks to involve the listener by covertly abusing the listener in a simultaneously harmonic and discordant way to directly address the sub conscious mind sending a person in two directions at once thus causing a split off of the personality. The idea of keeping people focused on the external world as being all there is is the lie that all these people the establishment holds up are employed to do. If you track your emotions after listening you can tell its plunging you further into something you would most likely rather be moving away from.

Anonymous said...

The King Of Limbs vinyl/cd/newspaper edition also included an acid blotter sheet. I was surprised when I received mine, as I always assumed Radiohead weren't likely to do anything other than drink and smoke. LSD was used during, if not created just for, the MK Ultra program during the '60s. I've read Thom Yorke quoted as saying he was always scared to use LSD, probably because he was forced to, but doesn't remember because he has been compartmentalized. I also thought it was weird that he was asked to compose the score for the occult Suspiria remake. It makes complete sense now.