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Jeff Buckley

A Questionable Death

Jeff Buckley's music is still fairly obscure.  His first album was initially unsuccessful even though it impressed many critics.  Jeff had a great effect on the people who heard his music, including bands such as Radiohead and Coldplay.  Today his music is beginning to surface and is growing increasingly popular.  Jeff reached number one posthumously in 2008 with 'Hallelujah', and a film of his life is expected to be released in 2013.

Jeff Buckley died on 29 May 1997 when he drowned in Wolf River, Memphis.  He was one of many highly respected, influential musicians who died tragically at a young age.   

Jimi Hendix

Jimi Hendrix's short career ended when he was found dead in a hotel room in London in September 1970.  The official story is that Hendrix choked on his own vomit after overdosing on sleeping pills and drinking copious amounts of red wine.  This appeared to be another 'rock n roll' death involving drugs and drink.  Though his death was put down as an accident, the autopsy itself implies that someone else was involved.

The verdict was that Hendrix asphyxiated, but the autopsy showed that his lungs were filled with red wine, as if he was drowned.  Hendrix's stomach was also full of red wine, but only 20mg of alcohol had been absorbed into his bloodstream, an extremely small amount which does not equate with the large quantity of wine in his body. When Hendrix was found by the paramedics his throat was clear. They said when they picked him up wine gushed out of his mouth, this is not consistent with having choked on his own vomit.

"Wine is connected with blood, sacrifice and altered states." The Language of Symbols, David Fontana (1993)

In the book, 'Rock Roadie', James Wright reveals that Hendrix's manager made a drunken confession that he was involved in the murder of Hendrix: 

"I... got a handful of pills and stuffed them into his mouth... then poured a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe." -  The Independent

Jimi Hendrix was involved in African-American civil rights and had connections with the Black Panthers, a political party with origins in the black power movement.  Hendrix had an idea of how he wanted the world to be.  In his brief career he was a major influence on youth culture. 

"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." - Hendrix

John Lennon

Like Hendrix, John Lennon was a legendary musician and a strong political influence.  Lennon was at the forefront of the peace movement in the 'sixties and had millions of followers.  He was closely monitored by the CIA who recognised that he was a threat to the stability of the government. 

"Listen, if anything happens to Yoko and me, it was not an accident" - Lennon

When John Lennon was killed, rumours and speculation emerged because of the odd circumstances of his murder.

Mark Chapman, after shooting Lennon, dropped his gun and calmly leant against a wall reading his copy of 'The Catcher in the Rye'.

Delta (assassination) [programming]
Delta alters --are activated to kill by the following three things:
1. seeing specific clothing,
items held in a persons hand, and
3. particular words.  

The same book, 'The Catcher in the Rye', was carried by Robert Bardo when he shot Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989; and it famously featured in the assassination attempt by John Hinckley on Ronald Reagan in 1981.  

After shooting Lennon, many escape routes were available to Chapman but instead he waited for the police to arrive.  Chapman's first words to the police, which he stated several times, were "I acted alone".  Chapman was never brought to trial as he changed his plea to guilty at the last minute.  All of this seems peculiar, to say the least.  One of the first police officers to interrogate Chapman said that he looked like a mind controlled assassin.  

There is a great deal of information elsewhere, so I've only touched upon some of the many suspicious circumstances of this and Jimi Hendrix's case.

Mark David Chapman is something of an enigma.  The back story to his assassination of Lennon does not really compute: the trip around the world, the work for the YMCA that is missing from their files, the visit to war torn Beirut, the trips back and forth between New York City and Honolulu, the story about the 'Little People' in his head, his abrupt decision to plead guilty and avoid a trial...  all these things put together make him look uncomfortably like your standard political assassin or serial killer.  - Sinister Forces, Book 2, Peter Levenda

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain, the founder and lead singer of Nirvana, died on 5 April 1994 aged 27, the same age as Hendrix. (Incidentally, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Brian Jones all died at 27.)  Cobain had a huge following and permanently affected the course of popular music.  

Kurt is supposed to have shot himself in the head after injecting more than three times the lethal dose of heroin. There are so many flaws in the official story of his death [details on] that alternative theories have proliferated, the most popular being that Courtney Love was behind the murder. But the likelihood is that she is yet another mind-controlled, manipulated victim.

Courtney Love

Memorial statue for Kurt Cobain in his home town of Aberdeen, Washington: 

Kurt Cobain memorial sculpture

A black cube, the dominant feature of Kurt's memorial, is an ancient symbol for Saturn.

“Saturn is an important key to understanding the long heritage this conspiracy has back to antiquity. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn. The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual. Saturn also relates to Lucifer. In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil.” - Fritz Springmeier

In Greek mythology, the God Saturn devoured his own children.

Black cube sculptures and monuments feature in many locations around the world.

 Apple store, New York City 


The black cube of Saturn has been worshipped for thousands of years and is evident still in many religions.

Jewish headwear

Mass worship, black cube

The Pope wearing a Cappello Romano or 'Saturno' - a Saturn hat

The first album release after Kurt's death was 'Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York'.  A year later the album went on sale on 1st November, a date celebrated as the 'Day of the Dead' in many cultures. 

'Nirvana Unplugged' November 1993.  Four months later Kurt is 'unplugged'

The MTV concert was highly irregular for Nirvana.  The grunge band played an intimate acoustic set and stepped outside of their own stereotype.  MTV Unplugged looked and sounded like a memorial concert.  The soft acoustic instruments, the lighted candles, the profusion of lilies around the stage... the band could have been playing at a funeral. 

Funereal imagery, lilies and candles

Lilies are commonly used in funerals; and the candles were black, hinting at witchcraft and occult rituals. 

The concert on DVD and album was released after Kurt's death; it was the first Nirvana album to come out after Kurt died and the concert provided perfect imagery and atmosphere for those circumstances. It wasn't just a staged event prefiguring Kurt's death, but also an event that every fan watched in remembrance of Kurt Cobain. 

Kurt MTV Unplugged

"I feel like people want me to die, because it would be the classic rock 'n' roll story" - Kurt Cobain

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley

"Technically he was the best singer that had appeared probably in... I'm not being too liberal about this... if I say, in two decades" Jimmi Page

As with previous posts, I've highlighted some lyrics suggesting an underlying message, in this case occult forces and Jeff's approaching death. 

Grace - 1994

'Mojo Pin'
Well I'm lying in my bed 
The blanket is warm 
This body will never be safe from harm
Don't wanna weep for you, I don't wanna know 
I'm blind and tortured, the white horses flow [white horse, occult symbol - the book of revelations]  
The memories fire, the rhythms fall slow 
Black beauty I love you so 
Ageless, ageless 

There's the moon asking to stay 
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away 
Well it's my time coming, I'm not afraid to die 
My fading voice sings of love, 
But she cries to the clicking of time 

Wait in the fire... 

And she weeps on my arm 
Walking to the bright lights in sorrow 
Oh drink a bit of wine we both might go tomorrow 
And the rain is falling and I believe 
My time has come 
It reminds me of the pain 
I might leave 
Leave behind 
And I feel them drown my name 
So easy to know and forget with this kiss 
I'm not afraid to go but it goes so slow

The lyrics to 'Grace' suggest Jeff was aware of his impending death (Hendrix, Lennon and Cobain also sung or spoke of dying or being killed).

'Last Goodbye'

This is our last goodbye
I hate to feel the love between us die. But it's over
Just hear this [...album] and then I'll go 
Why can't we overcome this wall
Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind 
Saying maybe you didn't know him at all 
Well, the bells out in the church tower chime 
Burning clues into this heart of mine 
Thinking so hard on her soft eyes and the memories 
Offer signs that it's over...

Plato's Allegory of the Cave tells the story of prisoners who are being controlled and monitored, but they believe they're living in enlightenment.  The prisoners are in a cave and chained facing a wall.  Behind them is a fire which lights up the wall, whilst puppet masters hold up objects projecting shadows which the prisoners think are real. 

A prisoner is released, he leaves the cave and sees the real world for the first time. When he goes back into the cave to tell the other prisoners there is life beyond the shadows, they do not listen. The prisoners cannot comprehend anything outside of the cave because they haven't experienced it themselves.  

Plato's allegory is a theme throughout the official video of 'Last Goodbye'.  Below is an animated adaptation:

Puppeteers / Fire 

Prisoners watching the shadows

Released prisoner dazzled by sunlight 

Last Goodbye Video:
 Prisoners watching the shadows

Liberated prisoner exposed to light

Jeff dazzled by moonlight

Full moon

Ritualistic dancing, circling silhouettes around Jeff's shadow

Familiar shattered glass/shattered mind imagery  


There was a thunderstorm the night Jeff died

Puppeteer making devil sign against watery backdrop

Jeff Buckley's precognitive drowning - similarities with the film 'Minority Report'

Minority Report - 'Precog' experiencing drowning of her mother: "Can... You... See?"

Precog seeing a murder

Dead victim - Minority Report

Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye

Jeff and band member watch a dancing shadow

Jeff's profile

Jeff's skull

Checking his back

Figure in white following him

Angel in black and white
Masonic moon and stars

End of video: the camera fades out from shimmering water

Jeff's lyrics continue to focus on thoughts of his death:

'Eternal Life'

Eternal Life is now on my trail 
Got my red glitter coffin, man, just need one last nail 
While all these ugly gentlemen play out their foolish games 
there's a flaming red horizon that screams our names
And as your fantasies are broken in two
did you really think this bloody road
would pave the way for you? 

Racist everyman, what have you done? 
Man, you've made a killer of your unborn son... 
Crown my fear your king at the point of a gun 
All I want to do is love everyone.

When will I find the strength to bring me release
Man, It sounds to me just like a prison for the walking dead 
And I've got a message for you and your twisted hell 
You better turn around and blow your kiss goodbye 
to life eternal angel... 

'Dream Brother'
That dark angel he is shuffling in
Watching over them with his black feather wings unfurled
Don't be like the one who left behind his name
and the world spinning round forever
Asleep in the sand with the ocean washing over.

Jeff's follow-up album, 'Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk', was released unfinished after he died.  Whilst writing it in New York City he was reported to be 'going insane'

"He was finding it hard to cope with his increasingly obsessive fans, and was also stressed out from trying to find a replacement drummer." - 'Jeff Buckley: Everybody Here Wants You', BBC Documentary

The stress from what? - not finding a replacement drummer?!  The BBC and the rest of the media reported that Jeff was increasingly unbalanced in the months before he died.  The real reason for his stress is likely to have been more sinister than obsessive fans or trying to find a good drummer.

 "I just think that there was just a lot of chaos going on in his life when we were trying to record this record that it just, you know, it just ended up feeling like that and sounding like that" - Parker Kindred, drummer

Jeff wrote the much darker lyrics for 'Sketches for my Sweetheart' in New York before finally moving to Memphis.

'Sketches for my Sweetheart, the Drunk' (released 1998);  and others

'The Sky is a Landfill'

Circle around the park 
Joining hands in silence [ritualistic] 
Watch the evil black the sky 

The storm has ripped the shelter 
Of illusion from our brow 
This power is no mystery to us now. 

Leave your spirit genocide 
The cancer you won't remove 
We cast our funeral rose inside 
And bury the need to prove 
Our mutilation is to gain from the system

This way of life is so devised 
To snuff out the mind that moves 

You like to dance to the rolling 
Head of the adultress 
You sing in praise of suicide 
We know you're useless 
Like cops at the scene of the crime

With your steroids and your feedbag 
And your stable and your trainer [racehorse and handler
I got a mail bomb for you Mister Strong Arm. 

Throw out the stones from all the cemetery homes 
For the violence of a nation gone by 

Or the politics of weakness
And the garbage dump of souls 
That will now black the sky 
 I have no fear of this machine

'Everybody here wants you'
Coffee smell and lilac skin, your flame in me 
I'm only here for this moment. 
Don't you see? 
You're just the torch to put the flame to all our guilt and shame 
And I'll rise like an ember in your name 

'Nightmares By The Sea'
I've loved so many times and I've drowned them all 
Stay with me under these waves, tonight 
Nightmares blind their mind's eye. 

'You must be an initiated witch to get a record contract' - John Todd, manager of Zodiac Productions. 

In the next song Jeff vividly describes a disturbing scene of witchcraft and ritual. 

'Witches' Rave'

It sounds just like a scream 
I don't know what you mean 
Your witchcraft's all around me 
In your ragged pagan scene 

You tell me all the ways around my garden that you like 
I float just like a bubble 
Heading for a spike 

All is well between the breasts of passenger and slave 
We'll never make it out alive to join 
The witches' rave 

You'd like to see him suffer 
Oh I feel the spell that you have cast, hot, pink, nasty 
Bubble gum, coming down just like a big red coal.

Hey, I try to keep all hidden 
When you come around 
Oh no, the sight of broomsticks 
Sliding on the ground 
You're levitating something 
'Cause I feel so collectible

We're all lying natural 
He's watching from a window up above 
I see he loves you, I'll bring you closer 

Something in my fate says it's not right for me 
Tell me 
Am I cursed or am I blessed? 

'You and I'
Ah, the calm below that poisoned river wild,
I've walked before, burning holes

'I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)'
I am the ghost who comes and goes 
And I hope I'll catch you 
But there's no easy answer, none to blame or forgive 
We were two cripples dancing 
To the bitter end we live 
I'm not with you, but of you.

'Murder Suicide Meteor Slave'

Would you like to meet the villain somewhere 
Underneath the skull of a moon 
Fire burned his eyes out 'cause his chains are too long for you

Someone has to pay for the damage done 
No-one's gonna love you now 
Your whole family's splintered

No stars to revolve around 
Here, they're fashioning the noose 
Sickened by the knell of the graveyard bell 
You know it's not long for you 
Sick of all the vomit childhood 
Not a trampoline of the freaks 

You're a slave to it all, now. 

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy. [Ironic, manic]

'Demon John'
Slaughter like the daughter of the devil you send me 
I have to deal, you called me here 

You cannot escape the bar-side angel dissector 
You undo your life with too much cocoon 
Past cascades of rage and fear 
By the light of the sun 
Murder comes 
Today or tonight 
Better get yourself together 
And transcend it, a burst of light 
So, murder by the light of the sun 
All memories stolen, know this for yourself 
Please bring us light 
You Demon John 
Take him with you 
When you go. 

This next song in particular is unlike the poetical lyrics in Grace:

'Your Flesh is so Nice'
She's ass-slappin' pretty 
And voluptuous fingers 
Wanna let her lick me 
Stick the thick of my pussy 
She looks good enough to eat me 

Kitty [Beta sex programming]   
Your flesh is nice
Let me take a bite 
Flesh is so nice 

Oh, I take off my belt 
Oh, kill all the men 
Everything's dead to them 
You're the only one I follow 
Come on and let me give you that 'O' 

Your flesh is nice 
Wanna take a bite 
Your flesh is so [x13] [manic repetition]
Your flesh is so nice [x9]
Your flesh is so [x3]
Your flesh is nice 
Your flesh is nice [x4]

'I Know it's Over'  (cover, original by The Smiths)

Oh mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
I know it's over still I cling, 
I don't know where else I can go,
See the sea wants to take me
The knife wants to slit me,
Do you think you can help me

'I Woke up in a Strange Place'

The ghost comes to visit 
With my keys in his pocket
Kisses on my mouth
With his eyes rolling out of their socket
Memories crumbling 
Under solid steel resistance
I was torn out like pages
From the book of existence

Jeff seems to have had issues with his memory in lyrics such as 'memories crumbling', 'memories stolen' 'mind a blur' - issues familiar in mind controlled victims.

I woke up in a strange place
My mind a blur and some blood on my chin
I made a call for that black death cab
Like a fear inside my chest
I never wanna see my face in the mirror again
This is a song for the dislocated
Who want to love but are doomed to be hated
Because the lies of the spirits possess you
Heading down the rapids
Steady now, keep your aim solid
As your temple turns to kiss the pistol

'Satisfied Mind'
When my life is over and my time has run out,
My friends and my loved ones, I will leave there's no doubt
But one thing's for certain, when it comes my time,
I'll leave this old world with a satisfied mind

'Dink's Song'
One of these days and it won't be long
Call my name and I'll be gone 
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well 

Mind control symbolism

After Jeff died, his mother released this statement:

"Jeff Buckley's death was not 'mysterious', related to drugs, alcohol or suicide.  We have a police report, a medical examiner's report, and an eye witness to prove that it was an accidental drowning, and that Mr Buckley was in a good frame of mind prior to the accident." - Mary Guilbert, Jeff's mother.

Which mother would refer to her son as "Mr Buckley"?

Keith Foti, a roadie, was supposedly the only person with Jeff at the time of his death.  He said they were both relaxing, playing guitar and listening to the radio, then Jeff walked into the river whilst singing Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love'.

Jimmy Page, who wrote the hypnotic 'Whole Lotta Love', owns one of the world's largest collections of Aleister Crowley books.

Page was commissioned to write the soundtrack for the film 'Lucifer Rising'.

Foti said Jeff walked far enough into the river so he could float on his back, wearing all his clothes, including boots, and singing 'Whole Lotta Love'.  Foti said he then took his eye off Jeff and he disappeared.

Like Jeff, Jimi Hendrix seems to have had premonitions of his death.  Chuck Wein, a director, stated that two weeks before Hendrix died he said, "The next time I'll be going back to Seattle is in a pine box".  Hendrix also told a reporter, "I doubt I'll make it to 28".  Several of Hendrix's friends claim they'd heard him say similar things.  

Like other musicians, Hendrix expressed that his words and actions sometimes emanated from a source outside of himself:

"He used to always talk about the devil or something was in him, you know.  He didn't know what made him act the way he acted and what made him say the things he said, and the songs and different things like that... just came out of him.  It seemed to me he was so tormented and just torn apart and like he really was obsessed, you know, with something really evil." - Fayne Pridgon, Hendrix's girlfriend  

Hendrix burning his guitar

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley sang, "Well it's my time coming, I'm not afraid to die", the same scenario as Hendrix: Jeff seems to have been prepared for his death.

Jeff drowned in Wolf river, beneath the shadow of a pyramid. 

Wolf river where Jeff Buckley drowned

Steve Berkowitz, Sony music producer, with Jeff Buckley

"I went immediately to the shores of the river and there was a thunderstorm and there was lightning and there was police boats dredging in the river and it was like I'd gone to the river Styx and there was a great big pyramid there and the whole thing was surreal and horrible"Steve Berkowitz, 'Jeff Buckley: everybody here wants you'

Memphis pyramid

Illuminati pyramid

Rivers have received a great many things over the years as offerings - swords, flowers, blood...  Sacrifice is the moment at which something which has been offered up passes from the realm of the human to that of the divine... There must be a secret bond between sacrificer and victim. There must be close attention to the right time and place. -  Henri Hubert and Marcel Mauss, Sacrifice, Cohen and West 1964